Shooting Gazette October 2014

Ah, October. Onto the pheasants then, and the first chance many of us will have had to get out into the field with shotgun in hand now the summer has finally been filed away and the children ushered firmly back to school and the company of their pals on weekends. But we’re interested in birds not bairns here, aren’t we? Whatever the strain, the pheasant is the quarry many of us long for while the season sleeps, and now’s the time to get out there and shoot a few. “There” can be taken as being almost anywhere, of course, but can anything beat the sight of Devon pheasants curling high off a valley side? Shoots in Wales, Yorkshire and Scotland might have something to say about that, but let’s not get too political, eh? That said, there’s plenty of room for debate in this issue – and some Devon pheasants too!

Confidence booster!
Rediscover your form – and how to never lose it again.

A consensus on hen harrier recovery?
There is more agreement between groups than you might think.

New threads for the pheasant season
A guide to the smartest kit and accessories.

High birds from southern England
Shoot reports from Devon, Wiltshire and East Sussex.

Body talk
Why it’s important to read a dog’s body language.

Life on the moorland wave
What it’s like to be a loader on a grouse moor in August.

The draw of a matched pair
Just what is it about two identical guns that captures our attention so?

Reviews, reviews, reviews
The Red Lion in Clovelly, the William Evans Connaught and the Nissan Qashqai go under the microscope.

The craftsmen causing a stir
The ambition behind the rise of Longthorne Gunmakers.

Shooting with a dragon
The sporting life of Theo Paphitis.