Shooting Gazette celebrates its 300th issue this month with a 140-page special that will take you to even further into the beating heart of driven game shooting. With everything from top shoots, shotguns and sporting vehicles to blowing budgets, royal love affairs and sporting etiquette on the menu – all illustrated with the best sporting photographers there are – we hope, as always, that we’ve given you the best bang for your buck!

10 top guns for game shots
Alex Flint presents his favourite side-by-sides and over-unders.

An estate with royal approval
Alec Marsh discovers how the monarchy fell in love with Balmoral.

Birds, birds, birds…
Shoots reports from North Yorkshire, Exmoor and Scotland.

The great grouse race
Can Ben Samuelson make it from the moors to London in time for tea?

Reviews, reviews, reviews
The Wheatsheaf Inn at Northleach and the Browning 725 Hunter G3 go under the microscope.

More than pride at stake
Jon Kean reports from the pointer and setter championship at Byrecleugh Estate.

Signature drives
Are you taking any of Ben Samuelson’s top 4x4s into the field?

How far will £300 get you in game shooting?
Martin Puddifer explains how a relatively small budget can go a long way if you do your homework.

Was that your bird?
T.J.V. Thompson examines the difference between a good sport and a greedy shot.

Top gear for top shots
The latest and best clothing, footwear and accessories for your season.