The Heather Trust, the independent charity dedicated to the promotion of moorland management, has announced the appointment of Dr Marion Thomson as development director.

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust launched an audacious attempt to break a world record last month, with the creation of a bird feeder weighing 254 kilos.

Richard Leach, director of Hampshire-based game feed manufacturer Keepers Choice, has warned that cutting corners with feed could have dire effects for the viability of shoots.

My gundog is easily distracted and would drop a retrieve and chase if given the chance. What do you suggest to overcome this problem?

One of my three gundogs is very possessive and is so eager to please that when I throw a ball she will either steal it or stop the other two…

I was recently pulled up by a professional trainer for giving my gundog too much encouragement. Is there a happy medium between encouragement and disipline?

Good on the BBC!

Kill It, Cook It, Eat It is a step in the right direction.

Because of my work commitments I have decided to send my 12-month-old gundog away for training. Do you think she will be mature enough to take out this next season…

I have been training a young spaniel myself and although it's my first I feel that I have done a good job installing all the basic sit, stay, walk at…