The fear of Foot & Mouth

The Foot & Mouth outbreak inevitably sent a shiver down my spine, as I assume it did anyone who was involved in the last outbreak in 2001.

How to advertise in Shooting Gazette!

How to advertise in Shooting Gazette: covers areas including driven game, gun dogs, deer stalking wildfowling and pigeon shooting.

field trials for dogs

Whether you're an HPR breed enthusiast who has been busy toasting Rory Major's achievements last season, or someone anxious to find out more about the breeds which trade under that…

There was huge support for the National Shooting Week, launched at the National Shooting Centre in Bisley in May.

The Game Conservancy Trust (GCT) has voiced concern over the effect reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) could have on set-aside land.

The National Gamekeepers' Organisation (NGO) has stated its opposal to recent proposals to develop proficiency qualifications in the use of the shotgun.

Game shooting at Devon Castle

Game shooting at Devon Castle: England's green and pleasant land has always held many shooting secrets, mysteries and grand reminders of its ancient past.

The Bodysgallen Hotel in North Wales provides perfect sanctuary for the shooting gent.

Lying just south of beautiful Bath, Ston Easton is perfect for shooting, shopping and tourism.

The location of this hotel is stunning and provides the ideal base to explore.

This is the ideal place to stay if you want to visit the London gun rooms.