Shooting Times’ deputy editor, Ed Wills, has been enduring lockdown in Hampshire where his rural garden is a haven for muntjac.

In this week’s issue he has written up an evening’s stalk when he managed to shoot a monster buck that had been laying waste to his mother’s rose garden. More importantly, he explains that muntjac are a serious threat to British birdlife because they browse down scrub and woodland understory, which provides vital habitat for the likes of the nightingale. The silver lining is that they taste delicious. Why not order a muntjac haunch online and do your bit to save our precious birdsong?

While Ed’s been controlling deer, Jamie Tusting, who has been stuck in Burghley Park, Lincolnshire, has been working towards his goal of not buying any meat or fish from shops for a year by shooting pigeons and filling up the freezer. More excitingly, though, he reveals, that he’s swapped a casting lesson for two whole lobsters with a local seafood importer – a fine trade in my book.