Scheme Assures Future

Shooters and keepers on test shoots give their vote of confidence to the new Shoot Assurance Scheme.

Winchester Coyote Lite .22-250 rifle: Lite in name, and in nature, this new rifle from Winchester is designed for the true hunter, with synthetic weather resistance. ST tests the Coyote…

Huntsman found guilty

Exmoor huntsman Tony Wright found guilty under hunting legislation in League's private prosecution

What is the law on trapping polecats?

I read that it is unlawful to deliberately catch, kill or take wild polecats. I am confused as I think the 1981 Wildlife & Countryside Act provides limited protection for…

The Middle Way Group releases its latest research on the effects of the Hunting Act and reveals that foxes are suffering the most.

The Warwick .410 shotgun from BSA, an affordable, well-balanced small-bore gun with the ability to make the average shooter feel like royalty.

Lightning strikes

As we head into the height of the season for electrical storms, Geoffrey Humphrys is struck by the strange and wonderful phenomenon of lightning

The sun shines on Broadlands

This year's 49th annual CLA Game Fair was one of the hottest and busiest yet — Alastair Balmain reports on the fabulous fieldsports fiesta.

Duchy Working Gundog Club

1st Cannaligey Cougar owner Mr N Guard, Handler Mr A Stevens 2nd Fleck Twister Mr A Stevens 3rd Dollimine Charmer Mr R Ashley 4th Rytex Ready To Rumble owner Mr…

Duchy Gundo Club open spaniel test Held on May 21st 1st Halwin Ryston Rocky Mrs M Cox 2nd Corleone Sicily Mr C Upton 3rd Malverndale Sharron Mrs A…

OPEN WORKING RETRIEVER TEST 11th June. 1st Lexander Gaiety Mr Frank Fitherridge 2nd Becksteddle at Trentinney Mrs A Mably 3rd Trioaks Macey from Tunnelwood Mr S…

Retriever novice test held on June 25th 1st Caegwyn Carwyn Mrs Miller 2nd Burtonbrook Melsboy Ms Brooks 3rd Laneast Black Buzzer Mr F Fitheridge 4th Merryway Jocasta of Grayspeed …

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