The new Game Shoot Standards Assurance Scheme is in the process of being launched to the shooting community. Alastair Balmain visits Belvoir Castle to find out more

The Auch and Invermeran estates are enough to set the heart aflutter. Charlotte Lycett Green heads north

What does BASC do for you?

Has wildfowling been over-represented? Will there be a merger? Tony Jackson addresses these and other pertinent questions to John Swift, chief executive of BASC

Skye is the limit

Greeted in Gaelic, Professor Colin Trotman immediately felt welcome at Eilean Iarmain, and shooting woodcock in a snow-scattered landscape gave him a weekend to remember

Wild game prospects

Will this summer’s record temperatures translate into record numbers of wild game? The GCT’s Ian Lindsay offers some predictions for the 2006/7 UK lowland season

£1,600,000,000 – the value of shooting

A new survey released today gives the shooting community the ammunition it needs to secure our sport’s future. Alastair Balmain investigates the facts behind the figures in the PACEC report…

Results of a novice test held on Sunday 24 September near March in Cambridgeshire

Raemoir, near Banchory, provides the stunning backdrop for some roebuck stalking for Ian Valentine

When ST reader Hilary Rowles’ Labrador retrieved a newborn wild boar on a shoot in France, it wasn’t long before it was house-trained and hogging the sofa…

.22-250 calibre review

.22-250 calibre review: The .22-250 calibre is one of the best when it comes to dealing with foxes and roe in Scotland.

Sandy Macarthur is the man in the driving seat when it comes to deer saddles. Robin Macdonald Rolfe meets him

Mauser CZ 527 Varmint rifle: As a small variant of the marvellous Mauser, the .204 Calibre CZ 527 rifle is already off to a good start.

Bowland top for harriers

Breeding success in Forest of Bowland for hen harriers, but war of words against gamekeepers continues