Raemoir, near Banchory, provides the stunning backdrop for some roebuck stalking for Ian Valentine

When ST reader Hilary Rowles’ Labrador retrieved a newborn wild boar on a shoot in France, it wasn’t long before it was house-trained and hogging the sofa…

.22-250 calibre review

.22-250 calibre review: The .22-250 calibre is one of the best when it comes to dealing with foxes and roe in Scotland.

Sandy Macarthur is the man in the driving seat when it comes to deer saddles. Robin Macdonald Rolfe meets him

Mauser CZ 527 Varmint rifle: As a small variant of the marvellous Mauser, the .204 Calibre CZ 527 rifle is already off to a good start.

Fine September fowling

Peter Carlton looks forward to a new season of wildfowling — but until the weekend he must make do with memories of last year’s sport

Greys in the balance

GCT says greys are up, BTO says greys are down: what will it mean for the threatened bird’s future?

Krico Model 902 rifle

Krico Model 902 rifle review: These German Krico rifles have all the quality, accuracy and dependability that a stalker requires, so why are they such a rare sight in British

Lincoln Carrera shotgun review: This Lincoln Carrera 12-bore shotgun is an all-round classic of its kind.

Bettinsoli Diamond Line shotgun review: You don't have to dig too deep for the impressive Bettinsoli Diamond Line Deluxe shotgun to shine.

Ruger 1B .243 rifle review: The Ruger No.1B .243 stalking rifle is an accurate, modern gun with a reliable, traditional side.