Charles Williams is a man with the ambition and drive to make his vision of a thriving countryside community into a reality. Robin Page encounters a true Cornish rebel

Harvey Carruthers discusses some of the most common skin allergies in dogs and the best way to treat them

Sika deer to be monitored

Sika deer in the Dorset area are to be monitored by satellite in an effort to research the species’ movements

Devolution brings hope for shooters

Voters in Wales and Scotland go to the polls to elect new administrations to the Welsh Assembly, in Cardiff, and the Scottish Parliament, at Holyrood.

Shooting and Rural Organisations

British Association for Shooting and Conservation British Deer Society British Shooting Sports Council Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Country Land and Business Association Countryside Alliance …

Conservation bodies

Countryside Restoration Trust Game Conservancy Trust Heather Trust Moorland Association Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust…

Government bodies

Defra English Nature Scottish Natural Heritage


Sportsman Gun Centre

Foreign media

Where can I find falconry instruction?

I am very interested in falconry, but don't know anyone in my area from whom I could receive instruction. Is there a national network of falconry instructors who could help?

Scottish Countryside Alliance announces keen shot and farmer as its new chairman

A warning was issued to gamerearers last week by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the potential risks associated with gas-fired brooder heaters.

Detecting deer damage

There is an element of detection work in being a successful stalker, says Richard Prior, since the cause of woodland damage and when it was done is not always clear