This recipe for pigeon and beef casserole makes a dish that is good all year round, but particularly suited to winter evenings

The Caesar Guerini Maxum is a sleek and stylish shotgun. Could this Italian marvel give the established favourites some serious competition.

Breaking my buck

It’s been a long journey, fraught with mishap and misadventure, but thanks to a handy buck and an obliging “ST” reader, Ian Valentine’s roe drought is finally over

Tax attacks

Gameshooting is coming increasingly under the taxation spotlight, so it behoves all involved in the sport to keep on top of the paperwork. Julie Butler provides some value-added answers for…

Weatherby Vanguard .257 Magnum rifle

Weatherby Vanguard .257 Magnum rifle review: An all-American stalking rifle with no ideas above its station or price range, ST reviews the unpretentious Weatherby Vanguard, and finds it more than

Find out how the Shooting Times Woodcock Club raises money for the Game Conservancy Trust's innovative feather isotope research helping us to learn more about the woodcock species

Become a woodcock contact

Every season Shooting Times' publishes the regular Woodcock Broadcast to report sightings of these enigmatic birds — find out how to join in.