Six of the best on woodcock

Have you had your chance at a right-and-left at woodcock yet? David Frost asks six keepers for their thoughts and opinions on this elusive and mystical woodland bird

Shoots asked to help keepers

The Gamekeeper Welfare Network calls on shoots this Christmas to contribute to a fund supporting keepers without jobs and homes

David Kenyon, the British Deer Society’s newly appointed area director for England and Wales, talks to Tony Jackson on the organisation’s policies and future

The Ardesa Fowler muzzle-loading shotgun could be the perfect introduction to the world of muzzle-loading.

Whether it’s checking traps, dogging-in or carrying out vermin control with her .22-250, full-time gamekeeper Jaki Evans loves all aspects of the job. Ian Valentine reports

Hunting wild boar in France

In the soft gloom of the Normandy woods, the silence is broken only by the soft patter of trotters. James Ashcroft holds his breath on the hunt for the French…

Feather in the Caper

Despite breeding successe, Scotland is warned more needs to be done to make the caper for keeps.