The 28-bore’s rise in popularity

Close to extinction 30 years ago, why has the 28-bore seen such a dramatic rise in popularity? It’s the gun of choice for the roughshooter, says Robin Marshall-Ball

The West’s shoot lifeline

How vital is shooting to Exmoor? A new report claims £1 in every £3 spent on tourism there stems from gameshooters

Though most of its work goes on behind the scenes, the Gun Trade Association does much for all involved in the industry. Tony Jackson meets its director, John Batley

On a hunt near you…

Hunts opened their gates to newcomers last week with record success at the start of the new season

What food is best for encouraging deer?

With winter approaching, I would like to supplement the food available to roe deer in our woodland. Would it be acceptable to put out grain, carrots and turnips, or is…

The life of the famous broadcaster and writer A.G. Street is full of sporting tales. Charles Ward takes a look at the brimming background of a true sporting farmer

Steve Bowers Custom .224 rifle review

Steve Bowers Custom .224 rifle review: The marriage of man and machine has resulted in wonderful rifles, but none so delightful as those made by rifle expert, Steve Bowers, and…

Which sex of ferret should I buy?

I am on the verge of purchasing a couple of ferrets, but do not know which sex I should be obtaining. I would like ferrets that are easygoing and, of…

The new Game Shoot Standards Assurance Scheme is in the process of being launched to the shooting community. Alastair Balmain visits Belvoir Castle to find out more

The Auch and Invermeran estates are enough to set the heart aflutter. Charlotte Lycett Green heads north

What does BASC do for you?

Has wildfowling been over-represented? Will there be a merger? Tony Jackson addresses these and other pertinent questions to John Swift, chief executive of BASC