Ammo reviews: Winchester .270 cartridge: Calibres come in and out of fashion in the fickle world of ballistics, but with the right bullet, the .270 will give you more than

What can I legally do about poult thefts?

With several friends I run a small part-time keepered syndicate shoot, putting down around 500 poults. However, we have had at least 100 birds taken from the release pen in…

Purdey 20-bore Sporter : The Purdey 12-bore Sporter has, in a short time, earned itself a reputation as that rare type of gun that inspires the user.

Following a stag shooting, the billionaire owner of an estate in Somerset is offering a £10,000 reward for information leading to the killer of one of his prozed red deer.

Shooting enthusiasts are still planning to take up the same amount or more sport compared with last year, according to a recent poll conducted by website, which surveyed members…

A high performance, lightweight, stainless steel telescopic suppressor for centrefire rifles with a two year warranty.