A high performance, lightweight, stainless steel telescopic suppressor for centrefire rifles with a two year warranty.

Hand-engraved shotguns could become a rarity in the future if more young people are not recruited to the industry, according to the Hand Engravers Association (HEA).

Waterproof with a breathable membrane, these gloves also feature a supple leather palm for comfort and feel, with a removable trigger finger.

Fabarm Asper 9.3x74R rifle: The Fabarm Asper 9.3x74R rifle is a new double express rifle from this Italian gun maker.

William Powell Phoenix shotgun is an Anglo-Italian blend of traditional build and handsome looks, creating an exceptional 12-bore over-under.

Scottish government officials lack training and are ill-equipped to deal with requests from gamekeepers for licences to control protected predators such as buzzards, ravens and sparrowhawks, according to the Scottish…