Lanber Sporting De Luxe shotgun: This Spanish-made Lanber sporting over-under shotgun has topped the best-seller charts for more than 20 years. Find out why.

This Kemen K4 shotgun has great handling, proven pedigree and a drop-out trigger assembly to boot.

Franchi Raptor shotgun: This Franchi Raptor semi-auto shotgun scores highly in both terms of quality, and cost.

Fabarm Axis shotgun: Makers of the Fabarm series have brought all the modern technology they can muster to bear on this over-under.

Gun reviews: Beretta Extrema shotgun: Looking for an all round shotgun with low recoil? Then give the Beretta Extrema semi-auto a blast.

Which game cartridge?

Respect for your quarry is of paramount when choosing a game cartridge. These few simple pointers should help you put a couple more birds in the pot.

Blaser F3 shotgun: Blaser has certainly blazed a trail with its F3 Sporter - a shotgun that oozes design qualities and manufacturing excellence at an extremely affordable price.

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