Cowans Law

Clay pigeon shooting at Cowans Law

The Benelli Legacy shotgun breaks the mould of semi-autos in the best ways. This 12-bore impresses with its simplicity and outstanding operation.

Highest ever fine for grouse moor owner

The owner of a large Scottish grouse moor has been handed out the largest financial penalty under farming legislation, after police discovered illegal pesticides on his estate.

This Webley & Scott Lichfield 12-bore over-under game gun has 29½in barrels, a detachable trigger lock (incorporating a single-selective trigger), and a half-pistol stock.

This Webley & Scott side-by-side has a 30" barrel with a semi-pistol grip stock and a flat file cut rib. And it's a copy of Percy Stanbury's famous shotgun.

The MacWet glove is just the thing for those cold and wet days. I don't usually like shooting in gloves, or wear fingerless ones, but these look like they cut…

Browning Heritage shotgun: The Browning Heritage Sporter shotgun is probably one of the most talked about new models I can remember for quite some time.

Gun reviews: Boss single trigger shotgun: This month's test gun is a Boss single trigger side-by-side 12-bore of fairly recent vintage (1991).

Beretta 687 EELL shotgun

Gun reviews: Beretta 687 EELL shotgun: The Beretta 687 EELL is one of the most functional and aesthetic shotguns you can buy.