Gun reviews: Laura Bosis Rizzini shotgun: The Laura Bosis Rizzini is an especially elegant 30in barrelled, sideplated 20-bore.

.223 Remington cartridges: Developed for the US military, the .223 Remington provides the perfect vermin and small deer calibre, particularly if you are prepared to reload.

Gun reviews: Famars 20-bore shotgun: This Famars over-under shotgun is an intriguing side-plated, Celtic engraved 20-bore.

Rottweil 20-bore shotgun review

Gun reviews: Rottweil 20-bore shotgun: This Rottweil 20-bore shotgun is a great little gun for taking out in the field.

Gun reviews: Perazzi SC3 shotgun: The Perazzi SC3 shotgun is an excellent game gun for use in the field.

The 16-bore shotgun has always been a popular choice among shooting men on the continent.

Henry Atkin 20-bore: This Henry Atkin 20-bore renovation was originally built for legendary banker J.P. Morgan in 1900.

Rizzini EM 12-bore shotgun: Take a look at this pair of Rizzini EM over-under shotguns, imported by, and specially made for, J. Roberts & Son of London.

Where can I find rifle shooting tuition?

I have read your articles about accurate shooting but am having difficulty putting the advice into practice on my own. Are there any training courses available where I can get…