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Fiocchi Official Trap cartridges: The Italian ammunition maker, Fiocchi, looks intent on regaining its market share of cartridge sales in Britain. A new range has been launched - and very…

Gun reviews: Beretta Extrema 2 shotgun: The Beretta Extrema 2 features ultra modern materials and recoil reduction technology, so with this semi-automatic, you get a lot of gun for your

Remington Spartan 310 shotgun: We put a Remington Baikal shotgun under the spotlight. In spite of the low price, we're impressed - especially as the gun is available in small-bore…

Browning set the gunmaking world talking with its radical Cynergy over-under design. Fabarm in Italy has now picked up the baton and brought out its own make on the theme.

Franchi Alcione shotgun

Franchi Alcione shotgun: Here we review a fresh-looking Franchi field gun out of Italy. Has the wait for this shotgun been worth it?

Rizzini Premier 20-bore shotgun: Take a look at the Rizzini 20-bore shotgun - an Italian-made gun that looks set to win new friends in Britain.

Benelli Beccaccia shotgun: At first glance this new semi-automatic shotgun from Benelli might look no different to a dozen others - but the closer you look, the more surprises it…

Fausti Falcon

Fausti Falcon Sporter shotgun: Here we take a look at the Italian Fausti Falcon shotgun, an over-under that's been revitalised following the merger of two gunmaking companies.

Gun reviews: Beretta Ultralight shotgun: Space age alloys and great handling characteristics put this Beretta Ultralight shotgun into a class of its own.

Zabala Beri-lux .410 shotgun: Congratulations to Spanish gunmaker, Zabala, on producing a model of .410 side-by-side shotgun called the Beri-lux.

Winchester Midnight shotgun: Cast an eye over the Winchester Midnight shotgun. Another successful piece of work from this classic gunmaker.

Gun reviews: Beretta Silver Pigeon 3 shotgun: This small-bore Silver Pigeon shotgun from Beretta is an excellent addition to any game shooter's range of guns.

Non-toxic cartridges: Still experimenting with non-lead loads and not sure which one's best for you and your gun? Here we try to help you make up your mind by taking…

Charles of Just Cartridges takes a look at the limited choice facing clay shooters using 20-bore guns. Will it ever change?