young shot

If you're under 18, a keen Shot and love to write, we've got a great opportunity for you

.17 hmr bolt-action rifle

Flat shooting and fast expanding, the .17 HMR round is a popular vermin control cartridge. This guide rounds up the best of the rifles on the market

maremma oddball film extra

When the penguin population on an Australian island fell to just 10 birds, the council turned to the radical idea of using a maremma sheepdog to guard the colony that…

Deer Stalking Video

This video, the first in its series, follows a stalker through the season as he explains what deer stalking is all about


The RSPCA is considering a change in the way they pursue hunt prosecutions. Ray Goodfellow, chief legal officer, told the Sunday Times: “We are upholding the Hunting Act, the law…

venison steak

Sales of venison have increased by £5million in a year, with supermarkets expanding their range to supply the growing demand

For a new shooter starting in the sport or someone in need of an all round second gun, the Lanber offers solid value for money


Schools in Yorkshire have begun offering fishing trips in return for good behaviour, after successful school trips to Fairview Fishing lakes. Mick Bradbury, who owns the two fishing lakes, is…