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Sporting Gun is the best selling magazine for clay, game and rough shooters.

Monthly features range from gundog training to pigeon shooting, game shooting to wildfowling – along with sound, practical advice on equipment and techniques to help the beginner, intermediate or experienced Shot get more enjoyment from their sport. Sporting Gun is a must for anyone who invests time in and money on their shooting.

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Yildiz Pro Sporter Black

When Jonathan at Orston Shooting Ground in Nottinghamshire suggested I try the Yildiz Pro Black Sporter I did not know what to think. Yildiz is a little-known brand to me…

fox in night vision scope

Night vision shooting has seen tremendous technological advances in recent years, such as equipment becoming smaller and lighter. Although the equipment works in any weather, cold nights give the best…

shoot pigeons with semi-auto

For clay pigeon shooting enthusiasts and game shooters alike, walked-up shooting is making more and more sense. Here is how to prepare for typical going away targets.

Purdey 20-bore Trigger Plate

James Purdey & Sons is to shotguns what Stradivarius is to violins and Rolls-Royce is to luxury cars. Even if you know nothing about shooting you will have heard of…

Walked up grouse

So why should you buy the best ear defenders you can get? Well, shooters of a certain age often have hearing issues because wearing ear defenders for shooting wasn’t much…

Pigeon types

One thing I’m always asked about on social media is identifying pigeon types. If you’ve been shooting wood pigeons for a while, you’ll soon get your eye in and picking…

Blaser F16

There is no doubt that Blaser caters for a higher end of the market and there was considerable excitement when its new shotgun, the Blaser F16, was launched in this…

pigeon shooting guns

Despite modern techniques, the archaic system for setting bore sizes is still in evidence today. Lewis Potter traces the evolution of shotgun measurement