Nice weather for ducks!
Richard Brigham braves the elements for a flight on a wide-open, flooded marsh.

Who’s next?
Are provincial gunmakers such as John Hogan a dying breed? Dale le Vack asks the question…

Bird watching!
Sporting Gun looks at the most influential bird study in nearly 25 years.

What point Waterloo?
Jeffrey Olstead, from BASC’s media department, on why the EU wants us to hand over our guns.

Game shooting
Gone away?
Keepers are currently working flat out to keep their precious stock from straying. Ian Mason reveals why….

Olympic columnist
Barrels and bores
Tired of seeing so many used guns routinely being advertised as ‘stunning’ or ‘as new’? Peter Wilson is too!

Deer stalking
Kid-free stalking
Jon Snowdon points the finger of blame at last winter’s prolonged cold weather for the current dearth in roe kid numbers.

Rifle shooting
The humane approach…
George Wallace, firearms advisor to the National Gamekeepers Organisation, looks at pistols and revolvers for humane despatch.

Game cookery
Pheasant Roulade served on a potato rosti
It’s Christmas, and shooting chef Mark Gough has come up with a superb pheasant recipe – it’s cheap and pretty simple, but looks and tastes like a million dollars.

Beating & picking up
Wish lists!
Neil Dale, our man at NOBs, on dodgy weather, high birds and Christmas presents.

On test

New gun test
Revo semi-auto
It’s cheaper than the average semi-auto but the Turkish-made Revo Matrix represents exceptional value for money, says Jason Harris.

Christmas gifts
Gear guide
Seasonal treats for you, your family and your dogs!

Tried & tested
Mary Bremner highlights what’s new on your local dealer’s shelves.

How to

Midseason marauds
For keeper Andy Swallow, shoot days are a happy diversion from the normal feeding routines and chores.

Shooting tuition
Keep it Simple!
Top shooting coach Mark Russell reveals how to tackle pairs.

Pigeon shooting
Two’s Company
Pete Theobald on the benefits of having two decoyers working together in perfect harmony.

Gundog training
Leaps & bounds
This month Tony Price’s new protégé, Charlotte, takes on a Labrador and a Golden Retriever for training.