In the first of a two-part series, Tony Price offers a step-by-step guide to successfully breeding your working bitch

Jason Harris looks at an unusual gun for pest control. Just imagine the reaction if you took it on a driven pheasant shoot!

dirty shotgun

Don't be heavy-handed when cleaning a dirty action, as discolouration is only skin deep

Jeffrey Olstead welcomes changes to the General Licences, such as putting geese back on the menu, but argues for a more flexible approach

Originally published June 2007 MIKE GEORGE says: Most shotgun triggers are set to fire with a pull of about 4lb, and on a well set up Browning that should give…

Originally published June 2007 PETER BLATCH says: This type of behaviour is not uncommon among pups’ of this age – especially those which have not been humanised and have led…

Born in Scotland, springer spaniel Storm moved to England with an undocked tail. Vet Neil McIntosh describes how working in cover proved costly and why the law needs to change

A pinless lockplate is one which has no visible screw heads, Mike explains