sporting gun november 2014

Find out what's inside this Game Shooting Special issue

Beretta SV10 Prevail 1 Pro

Beretta have managed to improve on an already remarkable gun, with the Pro version of their SV10 Prevail 1 clay-shooter, writes Jason Harris

Peter Theobald reveals why two hides can be better than one and how to play nicely with others while sharing a hide

How to use a goose flag

Like a lot of my current fowling gear, the goose flag is another toy that originates from across the Pond, where shooters have used them wildfowling with a lot of…

Browning 725 hunter

Standing on the shoulders of their 12-bore, the new 20-bore Browning 725 Hunter UK is going to be very popular with gameshooters, says Jason Harris

We are already doing great things, but with a few tweaks we can make our shoots so much more wildlife friendly, says Dr Roger Draycott

Pigeon and wild mushroom recipe

Mark Gough prepares a meal that can be rustled up in minutes, with ingredients sourced from the woods.

Game licences and game dealers licences were abolished in Scotland with effect from 7 April 2011 when the new Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Bill was passed

Nick Ridley sees what a pack of Sealyhams can do when he joins them in action on a chicken farm, hunting down that most persistent of foes – the common…

long-range bullets

Most of us shoot no further than 150 yards, but some pest controllers have to take longer shots. George Wallace looks at the bullets that work best at long-range


In this week’s issue: Home Nations shooters win 22 medals Harrier brood management debated A full house of Glorious grouse? What to do with our burgeoning boar Scurrying favour with…

GWCT Loddington shoot

How much more evidence will they have to amass before countryside saviours GWCT are listened to by the Government? asks Editor-at-Large, Robin Scott.

first gun a Baikal

The reason, like the guns themselves, is simple. Baikal shotguns were – and still are – cheap and reliable. In the UK they have brought thousands of people with very…

European elections reveal a promising level of support for shooting in Brussels, reports Jeffrey Olstead

Browning B725 Sporter

The Browning B725 Sporter is a wholly new gun and carries a modern look, but it isn’t a radical departure from what we are used to

In the summer, venison makes for a much tastier and healthier barbecue than beef. This venison recipe offers a simple dish that is rich with flavour and quick to cook.…

sporting gun august 2014

In the August 2014 issue: Pigeon shooting: harvest is here! Silence over the stubbles Fox ambush Gundog training Wildlife friendly shooting Rabbit control: Leave it to the lurchers Gamekeeping in…