Salvinelli Monaco shotgun: This Salvinelli Monaco shotgun is a beautifully crafted, and well balanced, competition gun.

I have noticed they invariably decoy much more easily - even when there are spring drillings in the vicinity. So why don't farmers grow more of it?

My whirly machine proved a godsend in spring/summer over peas and cereal crops. I am now looking forward to trying it on winter rape but (if we get really hard…

The role of gamekeepers in protecting many threatened birds has been highlighted in a new Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) report - Singing Fields.

Benelli Black Eagle 2 shotgun: Italian shotgun maker, Benelli, have created another impressive semi-automatic: the Black Eagle 2.

Zoli Columbus shotgun: The Zoli Columbus will certainly turn some heads when out in the field.

gundog breeds

How far should you go to save the life of your most loyal shooting companion? This dilemma was faced by Leicestershire farmer, Peter Hornbuckle, when his cocker spaniel gundog collapsed…

Benelli Crio semi-auto shotgun: The state of the art barrel making process on this Benelli Crio shotgun places it one step ahead of the competition.

Brian Friend widens his Hunting Act appeal

During his appeal to the Law Lords, UCSW member, Brian Friend, took his case beyond the hunting issue and questioned whether the protection of the Human Rights Act and the…