The builders are still here and the kitchen is now 99 per cent demolished. My challenge was to cook a game dish using a temporary hob on the floor of the half-built extension and another balanced on a pile of bricks outside. The latter was barely capable of warming anything through. This recipe is so quick and easy that you should have no problems at all.


• woodcock or pigeon
• olive oil
• dried sage
• salt and pepper
• cauliflower
• ½ pint milk
• ½oz butter
• ½oz plain flour
• 2oz grated cheese
• mixed leaves (kale,
spinach and chard)


1) Skin and cut the game into bite-sized chunks and fry it in some olive oil, adding dried sage and seasoning to taste. Once the meat is cooked, put the pan to one side, but keep it warm.

2) Steam or boil the cauliflower until it is just cooked through and slightly firm. While it is cooking heat a saucepan, add the cold milk, butter and flour and bring it all to the boil, stirring continuously. As the mixture begins to thicken, add the grated cheese and stir to create a cheese sauce. Into this mixture add the cooked game and any juices left in the frying pan and stir the mixture.

3) Place the washed raw mixed leaves on a serving plate, put the cauliflower on top and spoon over the game and cheese sauce.


The heat of the sauce will cook the young raw leaves. One pigeon or woodcock and all the ingredients shown above serves two people, so simply double the quantities if necessary.