Duck is perhaps the most popular game meat in the country, with many people’s introduction to game being duck pancakes or duck a l’orange. These duck recipes make the most of the flavoursome, rich meat and show just how versatile the ingredient is. It’s a very fatty meat but the skin can be removed for a lower calorie dish.

crispy duck pancakes recipe

Shredded crispy “wild” duck pancakes recipe

Ingredients Duck breasts Sesame seed oil (or any oil that’s handy) Soy sauce Garlic powder Pepper Chinese five spice powder A large pan of water Wok (or frying pan)  …

Tempura duck liver recipe

Tempura duck livers

Think duck liver and you’ll probably think of foie gras, but there’s so much more you can create out of this humble, yet indulgent, cut of offal. Dipped in a…

Duck pie recipe

Duck pie recipe

Rich in flavour, high in protein and filling to boot, duck, like all game meat, is the go-to bird for those in the know. Wonder how those wildfowlers are able…

orange and duck recipe

Orange and duck recipe

However you like your duck, there’s always room to give this gorgeous meat a citrusy kick. Some people love a duck and orange sauce and aren’t sure why, so don’t…

barbecued duck

Barbecued duck breast with white coleslaw

Duck is delicious when barbecued, as the sweet, smoky taste adds a fantastic layer to the flavour. The thing that makes duck tricky to barbecue is the fat: you need…

duck fillet

Duck breast fillet

Don't believe the assumption that duck is too fatty; skinless breasts are just as lean as turkey but superior in taste, as this recipe proves

Spiced duck

Using a classic combination of mallard and orange Kate Gatacre cooks a dish that will tempt any wildfowler

Spice up Teal

Give teal a spicy kick with this colourful southern Andalusian dish

Oriental duck

Mark Hinge goes to the Far East with this recipe for duck-filled dumplings

Recipe: Chinese mallard duck

Looking towards the Orient, our regular food writer prepares a Chinese mallard duck recipe.