duck recipes Duck is perhaps the most popular game meat in the country, with many people’s introduction to game being duck pancakes or duck a l’orange. But duck offers so much more potential than these two classic duck recipes – it is in fact extremely versatile.

Health benefits of duck

Duck is rich in protein, essential omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and so it can be considered a healthy food.

It’s delicious roasted, casseroled or in salads and snacks. Duck is also ideal on a barbecue.

Wild duck flavour

Chef Rose Prince advises: “I am a fan of good farmed duck, but the wild stuff certainly gives a stronger flavour.

“There is not much fat on wild duck, so you’ll need to baste it regularly with duck fat.”

Teal and wigeon are small ducks – a wild mallard offers more to cook with.

Duck offers a rich, gamey flavour with many different layers. This depth of taste means that it can stand up to being put alongside other strong flavours – which is why it’s served with tangy sauces in Chinese cookery. (If you’re a fan of crispy duck pancakes, see our recipe.)

crispy duck pancakes recipe

Crispy duck pancakes

It also means that cooked duck can work well with salads featuring orange, pomegranate and different leaves.

Thyme, rosemary and lavender are good herbs to accompany duck and remember to always rest duck in a warm place before serving to let the meat ‘relax’ and tenderise.

Look through our duck recipes from game chefs which show you many seasonal ways to cook duck, from salads through to warming pies.

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