? oranges ? duck breast (half per person) ? sherry? cinnamon ? salt and pepper


Peel an orange and remove each segment and also try to remove the pith and skin as best you can. Cut each segment into about four chunks and set aside. Remove the duck breast from the carcase and then slice it into pencil-thin strips. Season well with salt and pepper and place the sliced duck breast into a really hot, dry frying pan (or wok) and fry very quickly.

As it browns on both sides, add the oranges and a teaspoonful of cinnamon and keep stirring. Just as it nears being cooked, add a good tot of sherry, let it bubble away and serve immediately either pink or well-done with some salad.


As this is a very quick recipe, have everything ready and to hand. You can use any sherry, dry or cream. The idea is to cook this all in one pan (less washing up) and get it on to the plate ready for hungry mouths. The whole recipe, from preparation to serving, takes 10 minutes.