As a child, the words “I’m bored” were never uttered. Hunting, shooting and fishing were the order of the day. On wet days we stayed indoors and examined our egg collections, bred bugs, tied flies or engaged in some cooking. So, if the children are at your feet, enthuse them with some fun cooking! This is an easy all-year-round recipe.


– 4oz plain flour
– two eggs
– 7fl oz milk
– 3fl oz water
– salt and pepper
– 1oz butter
– diced duck
– an orange

1. Mix the flour, eggs, milk and water together with a pinch of salt to make the pancake batter. In a flat frying pan melt the butter and once it has just melted, pour the butter into the mixture and stir together.

2. Reheat the frying pan on a medium hob and gently pour a ladleful of the mixture in. Keep moving the pan around to let the mixture spread right across the entire base. Don’t use too much batter as the aim is to produce a very thin pancake. After less than a minute, check the bottom of the pancake and then with a spatula turn the pancake over and cook the other side. Toss the pancake at your peril. You can keep the pancakes warm (see tips, below).

3. Dice your duck into pea-sized pieces. Grate the orange peel and keep it to one side. Squeeze the orange juice and also keep to one side. In a very hot frying pan, fry the duck in some butter, seasoning it as it cooks. Once the duck is nearly done, add the orange zest. Remove completely from the heat once cooked.

4. Take a pancake and spoon on some duck. Drizzle over some orange juice and a touch of lettuce and roll up.

Pancakes can cook quickly, so keep a close eye on them. You can keep the pancakes warm by placing them on a covered plate that is on top of a pan of just simmering water ? the steam will keep them warm. Alternatively, eat them cold with the warm duck filling. The orange zest should not have white pith, as this can be very bitter.