The duck remains, including the liver, heart and gizzard (with the inside stones removed)
– 6 rashers of bacon
– 2 teaspoonfuls of garlic granules
– 6oz of butter
– 1 teaspoonful of gelatine (optional)

1. Boil the remaining duck pieces and bacon in enough water to cover the meat.

2. Remove the rind from the bacon and all the bones from the duck.

3. Finely mince the duck and bacon mixture.

4. Add the garlic granules.

5. Bring back to the boil and stir in the butter – add according to taste.

6. If you are in any doubt as to the setting of your mixture, stir in a teaspoonful of gelatine that has already been dissolved in water so that it does not clot.

7. Put the mixture in either ramekins or small tupperware containers and place in the fridge for an hour to allow it to set. Any surplus p?t? may be kept in the deep-freeze.