Southern Andalusia is a magnet for wildfowl, and teal in particular head for the Guadalhorce delta. This recipe hails from the wetlands near Malaga, whose banks are lined with willow and eucalyptus.


• tin of chickpeas • teal (one for two people) • two large onions • one clove of garlic • two tomatoes • red pepper • fresh chilli • chorizo slices • olive oil • salt and pepper • white wine vinegar or white wine • fresh parsley


1. Rinse the chickpeas in cold water (or soak overnight) and boil the them in a saucepan until they are cooked, then put them to one side. Cut the teal in half with a knife and boil it for 10 minutes in a pint of water with one sliced onion. Remove the teal and allow it to cool. Roughly slice all the meat from the carcase and put it to one side. Discard the bones. Simmer the stock water and onion mixture and reduce it until you have about 1/4 pint left.

2. Finely dice the second onion and garlic, quarter and slice the tomatoes (discard the pips), cut the pepper into thin strips and finely chop the chilli. Roughly dice 10 or so slices of chorizo. Fry these ingredients in a splash of olive oil and season to your taste. Add the chickpeas halfway through the frying, then add a small splash of wine or wine vinegar and the duck and keep mixing. When it is almost heated through, add a handful of chopped parsley, mix and serve.


In Spain, they use red pimientos instead of the red pepper and chilli, but I can never find any, so use peppers. You will need about a half a tablespoon of wine vinegar or half a glass of wine. To add colour you can use both red and green peppers. I like teal as it is a sweet meat, but you can use any kind of duck, just boil it on the bone to make the stock. Accompany this dish with a lively Spanish wine.