• rabbit or partridge • onion
• garlic • bay leaves • chillies
• small tomatoes • dried cloves
• whole peppercorns
• pumpkin seeds • olive oil
• tinned or pre-soaked chickpeas
• fennel seeds


1. Roughly chop the game. Place it into a large saucepan with a peeled chopped onion, some garlic cloves crushed and still in their skins and half a dozen bay leaves. Cover with cold water and bring to the boil. Gently simmer for 30 minutes.

2. Discard the bay leaves. Meanwhile, place the whole fresh chillies on to a hot, dry, flat frying pan and let them brown and blister all over. Remove and put to one side.

3. Into the same pan brown and blister the small tomatoes and half a dozen peeled garlic bulbs. Again, once browned all over put to one side.

4. Heat up six dried cloves, six whole peppercorns and, separately, the pumpkin seeds. Again, place to one side.

5. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan. Drain and empty the chick peas into the pan. De-stalk and de-seed the chillies and chop finely, then add to the pan.

Do the same with the tomatoes. Coarsely grind the fried pumpkin seeds and add too. If the mixture becomes too thick add some game stock from the saucepan.

6. With a spoon, roughly crush the chickpea mixture and once you’ve fried it, add everything to the simmering saucepan of game with some fennel seeds. Turn up the heat and let the liquid reduce down almost to a thick paste. Serve with rice, corn chips and a squeeze of lime over the game.


Dry-frying the chillies and cloves produces burning smoke, so watch your eyes. ´