1 goose breast
half a dozen rashers of streaky bacon, sliced thinly
ox, pig or sheep’s liver, thinly sliced
1oz lard
1oz plain flour
1 medium onion, chopped
sunflower oil
1 pint of stock


1. Thinly slice a goose breast.

2. Take half a dozen rashers of streaky bacon, the liver ? whichever you choose ? and goose breast, and layer them alternately throughout the length of the dish.

3. Make a rich onion gravy from the lard, plain flour and onion. To do this, sweat the chopped onion in some sunflower oil. Melt the flour and lard into a non-stick frying pan until it forms a brown roux. Then add the onions. Pour a pint of stock into this and stir into a thick, rich gravy.

3. Pour the gravy over the intertwined goose, bacon and liver.

4. Cover the dish with tinfoiland cook for an hour and a quarter at 200øC.