My family is part-Norwegian and it’s always been fun to use game in party food. Using venison, berries and sage, this simple recipe brings out the flavours of Norway. And it is very different to normal party food.


• olive oil • fresh sage • onion • garlic • venison• salt and pepper •croustades (see tips) • lingonberries (see tips)


1. Put a splash of oil into a very hot frying pan and, taking one sage leaf, fry quickly. It takes five seconds for the leaf to stop bubbling.

2. Scoop out the leaf when it has stopped bubbling and lay the crispy sage on a piece of kitchen towel to drain. Repeat with the remaining leaves.

3. Finely dice the onion and garlic and place to one side.

4. Next, finely dice the venison into pea-sized pieces and place to one side.

5. Reheat the frying pan and fry the onion and garlic until it is nearly browned. Add the venison and some finely chopped sage.

6. Season and stir well, keeping the venison just pink in the middle. This takes about one minute to cook.

7. Put the game on to a few sheets of kitchen roll to cool and drain.

8. Finally, spoon a little game into each croustade, top with some lingonberries and add a garnish of crispy sage. Serve cold.


Put the diced venison in a bowl, add a dash of olive oil to the meat and mix through. This will keep the game from sticking together when you empty it into the frying pan. You can use minced venison, too. If you have an IKEA store nearby, you will find lingonberry preserve there — it’s a bit like crowberries or winberries. If not, you can use redcurrant jelly. The croustades are sold in most supermarkets and delis, and come ready-made in packets of 24.