On our little DIY shoot, we have an area of about two acres full of sunflowers, wild-bird mix and maize. We have cut a ride through it, so the birds shelter in this area, and seeing the ripening maize and some field mushrooms in an adjacent field gave me an idea. This recipe takes 25 minutes to cook.

Ingredients (serves two)

? pheasant (see tips) ? bacon ? chicken stock cube ? olive oil? onion ? garlic? 150g Arborio rice ? sherry ? sliced mushrooms? sweetcorn ? lemon ? 1oz grated Parmesan cheese ? parsley ? 1oz chopped butter


1. Using the remains of roasted pheasant, shred the game and any bacon used in the roasting. Leave to one side to cool.

2. Make 1pt of stock using a stock cube and set aside.

3. Heat a splash of oil in a deep frying pan. Add a diced onion and a chopped clove of garlic. Cook for about five minutes, then add the rice, stirring well to coat in the oil. Fry for a few minutes, then add a splash of sherry. Cook until the liquid has disappeared.

4. Add a ladleful of the stock to the frying pan and cook until it is absorbed. Keep the lid off and stir occasionally. Repeat the process as each ladleful of stock is absorbed.

5. Halfway through cooking, add the mushrooms, two handfuls of sweetcorn and the juice of half a lemon. Every five minutes add one ladleful of stock and allow the rice to soften and swell.

6. Add the shredded pheasant and bacon and warm through. Keep mixing and add the butter and Parmesan. When you are ready to serve, mix in a handful of chopped parsley and serve hot.


I used one breast of a previously roasted pheasant to make this for two people. You can breast a raw pheasant, dice the meat finely, brown it and cook through, but I prefer using leftovers. You must use Arborio (risotto) rice ? long-grain or other rice will not work. Add the stock slowly, rather than emptying it in at the start.