Sometimes, cooked meats can taste really good when served cold, especially if they have a deep, infused flavour. This simple recipe is great to take
to a shoot day and as a packed lunch it can be eaten cold. The pheasant comes with a heady aroma having been cooked with lots of rosemary and roasted with bulbs of sweet garlic; the cooked herb and garlic is allowed to infuse the meat overnight.


• fresh rosemary • pheasant
legs • olive oil • garlic
• salt and pepper


Place sprigs of rosemary on to a triple layer of foil and then layer the pheasant legs with plenty of unpeeled but semi-crushed garlic bulbs. As each layer is made, pour a little olive oil over it and season well. Seal the foil tightly and cook in a hot oven at 200ºC for 35 minutes. During the last five, you can open the parcel to allow the legs to brown. Once cooked, open the parcel, add some more fresh rosemary, seal it tightly and then leave the parcel to one side until it is cooled sufficiently to place overnight in the fridge. Enjoy cold.


I used six bulbs of garlic and six sprigs of rosemary per two legs. By leaving the garlic in the skin but slightly crushing it with the palm of your hand, it releases the garlic oils slowly into the meat. Similarly, adding extra fresh rosemary after the cooking does the same. When leaving the pheasant legs overnight in the fridge place the triple-foil parcel into a food bag and seal tightly to keep in the moisture and to stop the aroma of garlic getting to everything else in the fridge. The great advantage of this dish is that it is ready packed for your shoot the next day.