lemon pheasant

Lemon Pheasant

Knocking up this quick pheasant dish will save you looking lemon

Pheasant Basilica

Pheasant Basilica is simply pheasant with traditional Italian ingredients rolled in parma ham and served with ciabatta

tandoori pheasant

Tandoori pheasant

This recipe for tandoori pheasant with lemongrass and ginger rice is a fresh way of cooking pheasant that will help you work your way through a freezer full of game

Pheasant game cookery recipe

Game cookery recipe: Lavender salt dough baked pheasant is a mouth-watering game cookery recipe.

Mediterranean game pasta

Mediterranean game pasta

The deep flavours of italy and wholesome taste of game combine to make a quick and easy dish that works perfectly in any season

Pheasant civet

A civet is a French game stew that traditionally uses blood to thicken the sauce. This updated recipe uses cornflour instead

Spicy fried pheasant

Hot pheasant and cooling salsa complement each other perfectly

Taste of Italy

Fagiano alla cacciatore gives pheasant a rustic twist

Milanese pheasant

Mark Hinge makes a spring-like Italian dish that will please the whole family

Italian pheasant

Live la vita bella with Mark Hinge's sumptuous recipe for Italian pheasant.

Garlic-infused pheasant

Mark Hinge prepares a great shoot picnic dish of garlic-infused pheasant.

A quest for quinces

The symbol of Aphrodite and beloved in the Middle East, the quince is often neglected. Kate Gatacre investigates the golden apple that strikes a chord in her kitchen