Ingredients for this pheasant game cookery recipe

This game cookery recipe serves 4

2 oven-ready pheasants
50g butter
100g lavender
500g Cornish sea salt
100g table salt
1kg plain flour
2 egg whites
600ml warm water

Method for this game cookery recipe

For this delicious game cookery recipe, place the lavender in the sea salt overnight to infuse. Put the flour, lavender salt, table salt, egg whites and water into a bowl and mix together, then place the dough into a refrigerator to rest for at least two hours. Sear the pheasants in a hot pan on all sides, baste with the butter and season well. Roll out the salt dough and wrap around each pheasant. Bake for 35 minutes at 180ºC (Gas Mark 4) and then rest for 10 minutes before serving – remember that the salt crust should not be consumed!

A lifestyle tip from Amy Willcock to accompany this game cookery recipe

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Sporting dog and Retriever Training – The Wildrose Way, by Mike Stewart.

Wildrose Kennels sits on 143 acres of lush Oxford, Mississippi country. There you will find Mike Stewart training “the classic gentleman’s gundog – versatile British labradors of superb temperament and natural game finding abilities. Waterfowl by morning, quail in the afternoon, and inside at the fireside with the family watching the TV in the evening.”

The Wildrose philosophy believes in a strong breeding programme from British labrador lines where the lineage can be traced, so that impeccable genetics from proven healthy hunting stock is as assured as possible. Mike’s new book, Sporting Dog and Retriever Training – The Wildrose Way is a handsome, skilled guide to everything you need to know about raising and training a gundog. It is packed with 200 colour photographs, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to train the perfect gundog.

Stewart talks about the Three Ts of canine communication: timing, tempo, and tone. Now, I have seen many people, especially men, use all three of these important tools badly. The trouble is that a lot of men won’t contrast their voices when working a dog, thereby not giving the right amount of praise in their intonation which, in turn, only delays training.

Sporting Dog and Retriever Training – The Wildrose Way is £27.95 and published by Rizzoli.

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