• tatties • neeps • olive oil • garlic • haggis • whisky • parsley • pheasant breast • streaky bacon • salt


Finely cut and dice the tatties and neeps and fry in a little oil on a high heat. When these are nearly cooked, add the chopped garlic and some diced haggis and fry until nearly brown. Add a tot of whisky and cook for a minute until the mixture is broken down into small pieces. Remove from the heat, mix in some chopped parsley and place to one side. Place the skinned pheasant breast between two layers of clingfilm and beat with a rolling pin until the flesh is thin enough to roll up. Remove one layer of clingfilm and spoon over a little of the fried mixture. Roll the breast up and then wrap the meat up with some streaky bacon. Place on tin foil, add a splash of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and seal into a tightly wrapped parcel. Cook at 200ºC for 25 minutes, opening the parcel up to allow the meat to brown for the last five minutes.


To flatten the breast, tap the rolling pin in all directions and turn the clingfilm around as you do so. Aim to get the breast at least twice the normal size. You can use any whisky, but I prefer a good peaty malt. When cooking and opening the parcel to brown, baste your meat with the juices. Haggis can be bought chilled in most supermarkets. Remove it from its skin and dice it with a knife. You can serve the rolled McPheasant with any leftover haggis. Wash it all down with a second tot of whisky. Slainte Mhath!