Earlier this year I challenged the few doubting Thomases on the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) to eat game that had been shot with lead, and then cooked especially by me. The invite to my office was ignored – rude in itself – but my challenge won in default by their non-appearance.

Ingredients (serves two)

avocado (one per person)
red onion
salt and pepper
lime juice
pheasant breast (shot with lead)
cayenne pepper
olive oil
fresh red/green chillies


1. Make an avocado salsa by skinning and stoning ripe avocados. Cut them into small chunks and place them in a bowl. Add a finely diced medium red onion and season with salt and pepper. Add the juice of a lime and stir the avocado mixture. Set it to one side.

2. Cut the skinned pheasant breast into strips and place them to one side. Put a good grind of salt, black pepper and about a teaspoon of cayenne pepper into a dry frying pan. Place the pan on to a high heat and allow the mixture to start smoking. As soon as it does, add the pheasant strips and a tot of olive oil. Continually stir to coat the pheasant, then add some finely diced chillies. Allow the mixture to cook (this should take 6-8 minutes) and for the hot oil to coat and colour the breast. Serve the hot, spicy pheasant with the cooling avocado salsa.


Cook in a well-ventilated area, as the “smoking” pepper can get into your eyes – and it will sting. To extract the juice of a lime, first roll it firmly on a hard surface with your palm. Then, when you cut it in half, the juice will come out more easily. You can also grind the lime skin into the salsa. So, finally, my advice to the doubters on the LAG is: don’t make comments about lead if you haven?t even eaten game shot by it.