pigeon parcels

Pigeon parcels

These pigeon parcels are similar to a pasty, with the filling encased in pastry, but are made with puff pastry and are much lighter

Game recipes: Warm pigeon salad

Game recipes: Warm Pigeon salad: Top chef Mark prepares a seasonal, no nonsense game recipe using freshly shot pigeon which will really tickle your tastebuds, and it’s very easy to…

Pigeon breast on a Lincolnshire Poacher salad

Every month Mark, a keen shot, will rustle up a seasonal, no-nonsense dish. Using simple, easily available ingredients, his easy-to-cook recipes will whet your appetite before amazing your taste buds.…


Cheater’s pigeon cassoulet

This slow-cooked cassoulet is perfect for older pigeon meat and also works very well with rabbit


Pigeon and beef casserole

This recipe for pigeon and beef casserole makes a dish that is good all year round, but particularly suited to winter evenings