Stuffed artichokes
? artichokes
? shrimp, prawns or other freshly cooked seafood
? mayonnaise
? lemon
? salt and pepper

1. Trim the stalk off the artichoke so that it will stand up on a plate.
2. Boil in salted water until a scale peels off easily. Remove from the pan and drain upside down until cool enough to handle.
3. To form the cup, slice the top third of the artichoke off. Use a sharp knife and leave at least two rows of the leaves intact. Pull the leaves out from the centre of the artichoke to expose the choke. Using a long, strong spoon, scoop the choke out, leaving the heart intact and surrounded by a wall of leaves.
4. Place each artichoke on a plate. Put a small amount of mayonnaise on the heart, fill with the seafood, add a squeeze of lemon juice, more mayonnaise and salt and pepper.