With less fat and cholesterol than beef, venison can be used as a substitute for beef and is a very versatile ingredient. A lack of fat can make it a tricky game meat to cook, but follow these venison recipes and you’ll have a deliciously juicy red meat to serve that is much healthier than similar meats.

recipe for venison ragu pappardelle

Venison ragu pappardelle

Mac & Wild at Falls of Shin, Scotland opened last summer under the watchful eyes of founders, Andy Waugh and Calum Mackinnon who already run London’s popular Mac & Wild…

recipe for humble pie

A recipe for humble pie by Tim Maddams

Recipe for humble pie Ingredients For the filling: 1 large onion, very finely chopped A good sprig of fresh thyme 4 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped 4 fresh bay…

Recipe for venison loin steaks

Recipe for venison loin steaks with cabbage and bacon

Recipe for venison loin steaks served with cabbage & bacon by Byron Hayter, Ashdown Park Hotel Ingredients: Venison loin steaks 4 venison steaks, each weighing 120g 100ml rapeseed oil salt…

Venison carpaccio

Easy venison carpaccio recipe

Ingredients 1kg venison loin Maldon sea salt 1tbs crushed juniper berries 1tbs cracked black pepper 3tbs Dijon mustard 1tbs English mustard powder 1tbs celery salt 2tbs smoked paprika Method Remove…

venison burger

How to make a venison burger

Ingredients 600g coarsely minced venison 1 red onion, finely chopped 1tsp chopped thyme Sea salt Ground black pepper 1 parsnip 2 carrots 1 celeriac 4 slices blue cheese 4 buns…

venison haggis recipe for Burns night

Venison haggis recipe for Burns night

Venison loins, venison haggis, chanterelles, leeks, potato, beetroot, basil pesto and truffle jus Ingredients 2 leeks, chopped 125g chanterelle mushrooms butter salt and pepper 4 x 250g pieces venison loin…

pan seared venison loin

Pan-seared venison loin

Ingredients For the venison loin 200g venison loin per person 25g butter Salt and pepper For fondant potato 4 potatoes weighing 200 to 300g 225g unsalted butter 150ml chicken stock…

roasting leg of venison recipes

Leg of venison on a string

This is one of the venison recipes in Wild Gourmet, by chef Michael Chiarello. We’ve adapted it slightly. As Mr Chiarello puts it: “The meat is suspended from the hook and…

cranberry top game pies

Recipe for cranberry-topped game pies

With a passion for the rural community and an eye for quality local meat, fifth-generation Herefordshire farmer Anthony Legge founded butchers, deli and pie shop Legges of Bromyard in 2000.…

Venison shoulder recipe

Venison shoulder

Use venison for a perfect alternative to chicken, pork or beef. Ingredients 1 venison shoulder Fennel seeds Caraway seeds Chopped lemon thyme Cornish sea salt Milled black pepper Method Place…

venison stir fry

Szechuan venison stir-fry

Use venison for a perfect alternative to chicken, pork or beef. Ingredients 300g (10oz) venison fillet or 2 large venison steaks Grated zest and juice of 1 orange 2tbsp soy…

venison liver recipe

Chargrilled venison liver

This recipe for chargrilled venison liver with roast squash, smoked bacon, madeira sauce and braised lettuce hearts can be cooked on the barbecue