Lee Maycock keeps things simple with a fallow venison steak recipe loaded with chips and an egg on the side.

What could be simpler than a fallow venison steak recipe? You certainly shouldn’t feel guilty for swapping your beef for venison, after all, it’s low in fat and as natural as the woodlands the deer came from – they love grass, trees and dwarf shrub shoots by the way. Better than that, it’ll be ready in a flash (well, a little longer unless you want it rare) and can be consumed with a fat duck egg and a hearty pile of chunky chips to boot. All you need to do is find fallow venison steaks that will be enough for four people.


4 x 150g haunch steaks
4 duck eggs
400g chunky chips
Smoked Cornish sea salt
Milled black pepper


Season first and then sear the fallow venison steaks in a hot pan, before placing them in an oven at 220ºC for two minutes.

Remove and rest for five minutes before serving.

Serve with the chips and a freshly cooked duck’s egg on top.