MPs have been complaining about the price of game in the taxpayer-subsidised Terrace Cafe

For the rest of us, enjoying a serving of game pie in a central London restaurant with a view of the River Thames would set us back about £15-£20. At least.

But MPs in the House of Commons aren’t happy about the price of venison pie in their staff canteen – the Terrace Café at the House of Commons.

They wrote: “Venison and winter vegetable pie in the Terrace, is priced at £3.55 on today’s menu yet I was charged £4 yesterday and it was rather a small portion, that’s the disappointing part, but the pie tasted good.”

venison pie

MPs pay £4 for venison pie in the House of Commons

We asked game guru Tim Maddams, author of the River Cottage Handbook Game what he thought. He scoffed:

“What have they got to complain about? That’s what you’d pay for a motorway service sandwich. You’re getting delicious wild food for that sort of money. It should be £14.”

House of Commons Terrace

Lunching on the Terrace at the House of Commons in 1901

If you’re not lunching in the House of Commons anytime soon and so don’t have an opportunity to taste the game pie, then you might like to make your own.

Our recipe for cranberry topped venison and game pies

cranberry top game pies

These cranberry-topped game pies are filled with chunks of venison, pheasant, wild boar and bacon