Venison ribs recipe

Recipe for glazed venison ribs

Glazed venison ribs recipe This venison ribs recipe is a take on a barbecued pork rib recipe that works really well with venison, and uses a cut that is under-utilised…

venison shanks recipe

Venison shanks recipe

Now that the start of the roebuck season is here, I wanted to take the opportunity to share possibly my favourite venison shanks recipe. It’s one that fits firmly in…

venison stew Indonesian style

Recipe for a spicy venison stew

Game is perfectly adaptable for Indonesian dishes, as this venison stew will prove. Substituting chicken with pheasant or rabbit for satay works beautifully. A spatchcock partridge marinated in fragrant spices…

venison snack recipe

A recipe for pulled venison nachos

Delicious venison snack recipe By now, you may have gathered that most of my recipes tend to be fast food or snack-style dishes and this one is no exception. It…

Venison mince recipe

Venison and wild mushroom stuffed squash

Venison mince. I am a terror for saving little packs of venison mince for a rainy day. I pop them in the freezer and then forget about them. It was…

venison biltong

A recipe for venison biltong

Venison is the perfect ingredient for making this field snack of venison biltong from South Africa. The lean, long grain strands of haunch lend themselves to the cured, bendy brittleness…

Recipes for wild boar

Wild boar and venison koftas

I’d only been working for the Daily Express for a month back in 1998 when an editor called asking me to go on a wild boar hunt. Not a shoot,…

Braised lentils ingredients

Braised lentils with duck 
and venison

My mother was a cook ahead of her time. I must have been a teenager, some 40 years ago, when she made a dish of French Puy lentils for lunch.…

venison sausage and egg muffin recipe

Venison sausage and egg muffin recipe

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day and Cai ap Bryn's venison and sausage muffin really does it justice.

make biltong

How to make biltong

One of the few advantages of the lockdown has been that many outstanding projects have finally been completed. One of these was to build a permanent drying box to make…

venison pasta recipe - venison khingal

Venison Khingal

It is easy to believe that pasta belongs to Italy, but versions of it 
are found all over Europe and Asia. In the south of France, nouilles are eaten with…

recipe for venison burgers

A recipe for venison burgers

Everyone loves burgers and venison makes excellent ones, whichever deer species you use. For a long time I struggled to find a really good recipe for venison burgers; the result…

venison chilli con carne recipe

Recipe for venison chilli con carne

Recipe for venison chilli con carne Ingredients 4 tbsp duck fat or beef dripping 2 onions, thinly sliced 6 cloves of garlic, chopped 1kg venison mince 1 tbsp concentrated tomato…