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Weihrauch HW 110 STK

Mike Morton gets his hands on Weihrauch’s compact carbine, the HW 110 STK, to find out whether small really is beautiful


Our rating:  86%

Daystate refuses to stand still when it comes to pushing the boundaries of airgun design. The British gunmaker set a new standard for adjustability when it launched the electronically tunable…

Subaru Forester E-Boxer

Subaru launched the Forester in 1997. Initially based on the Impreza, it gained a reputation for being a hard-wearing, no-nonsense, go-anywhere vehicle. It soon proved popular with country folk. Subaru…


Our rating:  80%

More airgun shooters are switching to thermal optics for after-dark pest control. The reason for this is the fact that it is impossible to fail to notice the glow of…

Chiappa Little Badger

This month’s rifle was not quite what I was expecting and at first glance it might be construed as an odd choice for a review. However, the Chiappa Little Badger…


Our rating:  81%

While I’m a lover of domed diabolo pellets, believing them to be more consistent and accurate than any other, I admit that some hollowpoint and pointed designs have exceeded my…

While many of us started out with a springer, the PCP is now the dominant airgun powerplant, with its on-board air reservoir offering maximum ease of use and minimum physical…


There is a great appetite for airguns that stand out from the crowd, and Brocock airguns usually meet that demand in their own way. The subject of this review goes…

Rifle shooting

The Ruger 10/22 .22LR has to be the most widely used semi-automatic rimfire on the planet. It was the brainchild of Bill Ruger back in 1964 and its simple inertia…


Too many of us make the mistake of getting seduced into thinking that we need to spend a small fortune on gear to get the most from our airgun shooting.…

Browning Cynergy

Browning Cynergy shotgun: The Browning Cynergy shotgun incorporates all that's best in modern shotgun design - at an affordable price.


Our rating:  80%

Haenel Jaeger NST

Some might find it odd that a firearm would claim to be environmentally friendly, but the new Haenel Jaeger NXT claims to be exactly that; a sustainable rifle with three…


Our rating:  86%