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Mini Mauser: classic rabbit shooting on a budget

It always makes me chuckle when shooters say that a particular type of rifle is not suitable for a certain quarry species, or camouflage clothing is non PC. Well, guess what? The game don’t give a damn. They will try to avoid you with a tactical-looking rifle as much as a custom engraved one. I…

Bergara B14 Wilderness Thumbhole Carbon £1,445

This Spanish rifle manufacturer has made a great name for itself thanks to its impressive barrel manufacturing. Both its centrefire and rimfire rifles offer great value and are fast becoming respected rifles here in the UK – I have a couple of their rimfires myself. Its centrefire B14 model is the brand’s most popular, as…


Our Rating: 88%%

Seekins Precision Havak Pro Hunter 2 in .308 Win

Edgar Brothers is now the proud importer of the new hunting rifles from Seekins Precision in Idaho, USA — and we have the Havak Pro Hunter 2 on test in .308 Win. These are very striking sporting rifles, primarily due to the spiral-cut fluted barrels, three colour stock finishes (mountain shadow, desert shadow and urban…


Our Rating: 88%

The all-new Sako 90 Hunter: A Finnish legend reborn

The innovative prowess of Sako and Tikka is widely acknowledged in the shooting community, offering not only cost-effective firearms but also rifles that deliver precise shooting straight out of the box. The legacy of the Model 75 action range, which transitioned into the highly successful Model 85, continues to thrive in the new 90 range…


Ruger 10/22 Competition: it all comes together with this rifle

Rabbits are absolutely everywhere at the moment, feeding on the abundance of verdant green foliage and crops that have shot up — just like the rabbit population. Normally I am a bolt-action rimfire shooter for vermin, but an accurate, reliable and semi-automatic .22LR makes a lot of sense in these circumstances. The Ruger 10/22 has…


Our Rating: 89%

Christensen Arms Ranger .22LR

Carbon fibre barrelled and stocked stalking rifles are becoming commonplace these days, as their lightweight credentials and heat-dissipating properties are beneficial on any hunting arm. The .22 rimfire sector has not been left out either, and these new lightweight materials transform what is usually a compact gun into an even more svelte and great-handling vermin…


Our Rating: 87%

Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle: a compact package

No other .22 rimfire semi-automatic rifle has endured the ravages of time like the Ruger 10/22. It is still as popular today as when it was introduced in 1964. In that time, the basic design has changed very little, which means good old Bill Ruger got it right first time. His simple blowback or inertia-type…


Steyr CL II Breeze fully silenced .308 Win

Stalking rifles really need to handle and not constrict one’s considered movements through woods or hills, so a lightweight and reasonably compact design is always beneficial and welcome. We stalk with moderators fitted these days but this can lengthen a rifle, so a fully suppressed gun with a shorter barrel and over-barrel shroud is a…


Our Rating: 88%

Howa 1500 rifle: more UK shooters need to discover how good it is

It’s surprising that the Howa 1500 rifle is not more popular than it actually is. In production for almost 45 years now, this is a mass-produced but high-quality gun that represents incredible value for money. It is robust, well-built and highly accurate, but for some reason has never really caught the imagination of UK shooters….


BSA Sportsman: a utilitarian bargain

A couple of years ago, Blast from the Past looked at a Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) product, the No 2 rifle, which entered production in 1909 and persevered well into the 1950s. This month, we look at another of its guns from much the same era, the BSA Sportsman. Unlike the No 2, which was…


Mauser M12 Max: everything about this rifle is impressive

The Mauser M12 range of bolt-action rifles is a perfect example of a company moving with the times in terms of new innovations and technology, while insisting on old-world build quality. Mauser has always been a trusted and respected brand and this new Mauser M12 Max thumbhole laminate-stocked rifle wants for nothing, combining great accuracy,…


Our Rating: 93%