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Testing the Browning B525

Regular readers will be aware that I am predominantly drawn to misfit guns that are a little quirky or generally not a regular occurrence in people’s cabinets. I have always been a fan of pumps and have a passion for cheap underdogs, which provide me with boundless pleasure when used to good effect, especially in…

Beretta 694 Pro

The Beretta 694 Pro is essentially a 694 with a TSK stock on it. The TSK is a fully adjustable stock, and when I say fully, I mean completely. Many shooters buy a standard walnut stock with an adjustable comb. Some shooters might even get themselves a custom-made stock. The TSK stock will let the…


Three Caesar Guerinis on test: the Syren Tempio Light Sporting, Syren Tempio Sporting and Syren Julia Sporting

In this review I have the pleasure of testing three Caesar Guerinis – the Syren Tempio Light Sporting, Syren Tempio Sporting and Syren Julia Sporting. The Syren is the Caesar Guerini range of shotguns for ladies. CG have a really good range of lady-styled guns, and if you are either new to the sport or…

Yildiz Pro 20-bore

The Yildiz Pro 20- bore in depth I was a big fan of the Yildiz Pro 12-bore as soon as I picked it up a few years ago. The build quality, finish and handling were a step above any other gun I had seen produced in Turkey. So enamoured was I that I even bought…


Our Rating: 81%

Pulsar Axion 2 XQ35: redefining stalking

Why everything changed with the Pulsar Axion 2 XQ35 An admission: I’ve joined the thermal club. I always vowed not to use a thermal, fearing it would make deerstalking feel too clinical and would strip some of the romance from the activity. On several occasions, however, friends accompanying me on stalking trips have brought along…

HikMicro M15 4G Trail Camera on test

HikMicro M15 4G Trail Camera – a useful addition to your kit Using a trail cam to see what’s going on around your shoot when you’re not there can be a real revelation. While any form of observation can provide useful information, it can be very surprising to see what quarry species get up to…


Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III

The 687 range has been around for, well, donkey’s years. Beretta itself was established in the 16th century, in 1526. The company has a massive history, but I won’t go into that in detail, otherwise I will run out of space. But the 68 series of Beretta shotguns is very likely to be one of…


Browning B725 Pro Master

  Browning designers have been very busy over recent years, with a steady stream of new models reaching the market. Some, such as the XS Pro Sporter are based around the more established B525 action. Others, including the Pro Master, are built around the lower profile action of the B725, which has proven itself to be…


Beretta DT10 shotgun: a dedicated clay-buster

Gun reviews: Beretta DT10 shotgun: If you’re serious about breaking clays then out-and-out competition guns don’t come any more serious than the DT10.


Our Rating: 85%

Skeet guns – eight of the best

What make the perfect Skeet guns? Stuart Smith, MD at Eriswell Lodge and  CPSA ranked No.1 English Skeet shot, has the answer. “Fit,” he says emphatically. “Without the right fit it doesn’t matter how expensive or beautiful the gun is, you won’t hit a barn even if you stand in it with the door shut.”…

Krieghoff K20 Parcours: What a machine!

In an age when 20-bore cartridges have nearly the same load ranges and performance as a 12, it would be silly not to consider using one as your live quarry gun, be that for driven, walked-up or even pigeons. The real benefit of a 20 over a 12 is the reduction in weight, meaning less…


Our Rating: 94%