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Air Arms S400 and its variants

Colin Fallon takes a look at this popular air rifle in its different guises

Air Arms S400

Manufacturer: Air Arms

Price as reviewed: £649

Air Arms S400

The S400

Introduced in the year 2000, the Air Arms s400 is one of the most popular air rifles for beginners and experienced shooters alike. It is a simple, unregulated rifle that uses the tried and tested knock-open valve system. It is available in .177 and .22 as well as in sub 12ftlb and FAC versions.

Formats for Air Arms s400

The rifle comes in various formats:

Carbine (885mm long)

Easy to carry and move around woodlands or confined spaces, this rifle will particularly suit hunters. (Read how to get an air rifle shooting permission.)

Classic (980mm)

The longer barrel gives slightly more stability, so it is ideal for targets shooters and plinkers.


As the name suggests, this lightweight rifle will appeal to younger shooters or those who prefer a lighter rifle.


This multi-shot variant is perfect for the hunter and garden plinker. (Read more on garden airgunning here.)

The S410

The S410


This is the super slick sidelever multi-shot variant

The S510

The S510

S400 MPR

This single shot field target version has an upgraded barrel, match adjustable trigger and an adjustable cheekpiece as standard.

What the S400 offers

The S400 will give you 45 very consistent shots from a 190bar fill. When tested with a chronograph and unweighed pellets, the velocity spread should be between between 765 and 780 for 40 to 50 shots in .177. A 15 fps variance for an unregulated rifle is superb and this is better than some regulated rifles. (Read our advice on picking the perfect airgun pellet.)

In the standing position, the rifle is well balanced with the pivot point just in front of the trigger guard, and everything from the bolt to safety catch feels where it should be. The s400 is a rifle that has been designed by shooters for shooters. Its trigger is well weighted and responsive; it has a definite first and second stage. As it is a PCP, there is no recoil.

On the range, an S400 is capable of shooting a single hole group at 30 yards and a ragged group at 45 yards. The S400 and its variants have been used by national and international shooters for years. In 2010, Mark Wall used an S400 MPR to win the HFT World Championships.

The S400 has had over 20 years of development and is now a class leader. Accurate and reliable, it will give years of service if looked after correctly.

Whether you’re a beginner or a champion, the S400 series of rifles is everything you could ever need.

This article was originally published in 2015 and has been updated. 


Whether you're a beginner or a champion, the S400 series of rifles is everything you could ever need.