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ATA Sporter

The ATA Sporter is a competitively priced gun with lots of options which will suit a lot of different people – especially if you’re on a budget, says Shane Robinson

ATA Sporter

Overall Rating: 94%

Manufacturer: ATA

Price as reviewed: £599

This review was first published in 2018 and has been updated. Prices shown are as when gun was originally reviewed and may have altered. 

ATA Sporter Action

From top: 30in Adjustable Sporter, 30in Bronze Action, 30in Laminate Stock

ATA Sporter tech specs

  • Weight: 7lb 10oz
  • Barrel length:  30in
  • Rib: 10mm
  • Overall length: 47¾in
  • Length of pull: 14¾in
  • Drop at comb: 35mm to 60mm (standard Sporter)
  • Heel to toe: 130mm

Reasons to buy

+ Competitively priced
+ Comes with stock care kit

Reasons to avoid

– Does not come in maker’s case
– Sharp edges on ejectors

Taking a look at the ATA Sporter

I have been asked to take a look at the ATA Sporter. I looked at their semi-automatic earlier this season and was very impressed. I have been searching for a sensibly priced over-and-under to use at the end of the season, as well as into the spring clay season and this seems to fit the bill.

Imported by Sportsman Gun Centre, these Turkish guns are hitting the market hard. With a lot of options and a great price point, it makes them hard not to miss. The Black Action Sporter starts at an impressive £599 (price when reviewed in 2018), with the “Elegant” sideplate version topping out at £799 (price when reviewed in 2018).

ATA Sporters

Shane was sent three versions, the Bronze Action, Adjustable Sporter and Laminate Stock

ATA Arms

Turkish-based ATA Arms is one of that country’s premier arms manufacturers. Specialising in shotgun making, the company has recently branched out into other areas of firearms manufacture, including rifles and air rifles, which adds diversity to what is already a dynamic portfolio.

The company prides itself on producing quality products at an affordable price. 
As I said when I reviewed the Venza semi-automatic, 
if there were no visual markings on the 
gun I would have sworn it was a Beretta. The same goes for the the Sporter models. Apart from the fore-end being deeper in the middle, at a glance it looks just like a Beretta Silver Pigeon and that is no bad thing.


I was pretty impressed by the gun from 
the off. It would have been nice if it came in a maker’s case, but at around £600 you would be lucky to find a gun that does. Although I’m told the Deluxe model 
does come with a case.

The vented barrels were nicely struck and finished in matt black. All the models come with a 3in chamber and a full set of five chokes – all are steel proof. The metal work was well put together and the threads in the chokes were nice and smooth. No grinding or oval off-set, as can be found on other budget makes. A good sporting rib lined up nicely to a bright red fibreoptic sight. My only criticism was a couple of sharp edges on the ejectors (I’m being picky), but other than that it’s a really good job.


Shane noticed a couple of sharp edges on the ejectors but he admits he was being picky

The furniture was also nicely done. All wood-to-metal fit was tidy externally and there was no rough edges. I did like the fore-end release button and the depth of the fore-end fitted me comfortably. The chequering was nicely inlaid with the logo.

No thrills

The stock was pretty standard on the Bronze Action model as you would expect, but I have seen some real stunners on some of the Deluxe guns. I suppose being able to source world class walnut on your doorstep has its advantages! I liked the adjustable stock option, which again was really nicely made. The very simple system of two pins can be moved with an Allen key for height and angle. No thrills, but let’s be honest, show me where you can find a new adjustable stocked sporting shotgun for less than £800, because I’ve struggled to find one.

One really nice touch was to find a stock care kit in the box. Wood oil, burnishing pad and polishing cloth along with wood care leaflet. All the stocks I looked at had very little caste and came nicely to the shoulder.

The black soft rubber butt pad had a hard plastic heel on which I thought was a nice touch and prevents the stock catching your clothing as you mount the gun.

ATA Sporter Action

On first glance you’d struggle to tell the difference between this action and one on a Beretta


If the ATA Sporter had “Beretta” on the side of it, you would probably struggle to tell the difference between the two guns. The action was well-machined and all the metalwork was nicely made. You can feel 
a slight weight difference in the materials, as you’d expect when you are paying around a third of the price. The only let down was that on the inside of the action – where the barrels sit – there was a different colour to the external finish (bronze outside, silver inside). I think it would have been a lot tidier to have it all one colour.

You must be getting bored of hearing me say how nicely this 
gun has been put together. I 
know I am! I can’t really find anything wrong with it, barring 
a couple of things on the finish. 
But I keep coming back to the fact that it is a competitively priced gun with lots of options, which will suit lots of different people and it is what makes it appeal to a large 
part of the market. Complete with three-year warranty. It’s really well worth a look at as a good all-round gun, especially if you’re on a budget. I’m reading lots of compliments on social media 
about it and I can see why they 
are well thought of.

Stockist: Sportsman Gun Centre

Scores on the doors

Build quality: 23/25

Handling: 23/25

Styling: 24/25

Value for money: 24/25

Price: (as reviewed in 2018)

30in Adjustable Sporter RRP £674

30in Bronze Action RRP £599

30in Laminate Stock RRP £649



It’s really well worth a look at as a good all round gun, especially on a budget