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Beretta A1391 Lightweight shotgun review

Beretta A1391 Lightweight shotgun review

Manufacturer: Beretta

Beretta A1391 Lightweight shotgun : While it has primarily been designed as a field gun to be carried all day without fatigue, I reckon it will also find favour with clay shooters who want a light gun, and ladies as well.

So how has Beretta managed to shave the weight of this newcomer down to an incredibly light 6¼lb?

They started by taking weight out of the action frame without compromising strength and at the same time fitted an alloy magazine tube in place of the usual steel version.

In addition the recoil spring guide has been replaced with a new light-weight version.

Beretta Al391 Lightweight shotgun

Even the fore-end securing cap has been made from alloy and treated to a flatter profile to make it easier to grip while tightening and loosening.

Further weight savings have been made by fitting an optional 28in Optima barrel and a narrow 6mm ventilated top rib, finished with a silver foresight bead.

The gun is supplied with five Optima Plus multi-chokes, chambered for 3in cartridges and subjected to Special steel shot proof.

The action frame is finished black with the maker’s name and model in gold.

There are raised panels on the action sides with some discreet engraving at the back and the top of the action frame has been left matt black to reduce glare.

 Beretta Al391 Lightweight shotgun

All-in-all, an attractive colour scheme.

The stock and fore-end have been made with a nicely figured piece of Claro walnut from Turkey and the wood has been finished with a tough lacquer to protect it from the elements.

The butt end finishes with a polymer butt plate and there is also a thin rubber recoil pad supplied with each gun in case the user wants to make a change for some reason.

 Beretta Al391 Lightweight shotgun

If you do need to lengthen the stock then you can take your choice from a range of pads and plates from the Beretta workshop.

The stock can even be cast left or right and adjusted for drop by fitting different shims between the head of the stock and where it meets the action frame.

 Beretta Al391 Lightweight shotgun

Each gun come in an ABS case along with choke tubes and spanners to remove and clean the gas system.

I like this gun… in spite of its light-weight it’s smooth to shoot with a wide range of cartridges though I might stop short of full-blooded magnums.

I even quite like the lacquered finish which helps show the wood at its best.

Build Quality: 9/10

Handling: 9/10

Styling: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10



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